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Modernizing your Elevators

New technology is not just for skyscrapers. Advanced new elevator systems are available for new construction and existing low-rise and mid-rise buildings as well. One new advancement in elevator technology, Machine Room-Less (MRL) hoisting machinery, is becoming standard in new construction in midrise buildings. The MRL elevator eliminates the need for the mechanical rooms in basements or on rooftops that house the hoisting machinery used in conventional elevators, saving usable building space.

MRL's also save a significant amount of energy, requiring considerably less electricity to run. With the motors built directly into the hoistway, there is no need to build and supply energy to a machine room. They also generate less heat than conventional elevators.

MRL elevators cost more than conventional elevators, but they save money on the construction end. According to elevator consultant Joseph Caracappa, partner with Sierra Consulting Group, "They are a little bit more expensive than the traditional elevator, but they allow architects to provide their clients with a cheaper construction project; they don't have to build an overhead structure. And not having to build a bulkhead maximizes the health of the building."

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Children's Happy Faces Foundation

What started as an idea to make sick children happy has led to more than $4 million in funds raised for kids battling cancer at Ronald McDonald House New York, and nine wishes granted via the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Hudson Valley.

It all began in 2006 when Hilda Taveras, owner of the Eliza restaurants, decided to take a Landmark course in self-expression and leadership. As part of the program, Hilda was assigned a project that would take help to discover first-hand what it means to express her ideas in partnership with others, while also providing leadership. With the help of her sister-in-law, Marta Peralta, and the rest of her family, Hilda hosted a summer party for the families at Ronald Mcdonald House New York.

The summer party's success led to the organization of a Christmas party a few months later, where Hilda and her family invited friends and colleagues to chip in. Soon, the power of networking took over after Marta, who works at Century Management Services Inc., spoke with her colleagues David Lipson, senior managing director, and the late Patrick Dunne, resident manager. A company-wide email yielded numerous donations. David and Pat saw the impact of the team's efforts, the began to work on a plan to take things to the next level.

"The Children's Happy Faces Foundation helps families during the difficult and challenging times as they seek better treatments and cures for their seriously ill children," said David Lipson. "We strive to help create an atmosphere that allows for some happy moments and smiling faces to soften the stressful times."

So, one afternoon Pat & David decided to play golf at Van Cortlandt Golf Course together with Bret Reilly, a friend & tenant of David. On the third hole; the idea came to them that the best way to raise money for Children's Happy Faces was to do a Charity Golf Outing. When David approached the owners of Century [The Barry's]; the embraced the concept immediately and committed to supporting the endeavor.

"Century has been the proud title sponsor of each of the last nine golf outings and we are pleased to support this most important cause again for year 10," said Mitchell Barry, President of Century Management.

The next outing is planned for Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The event has experienced growth each year, having its start at Wykagyl Country Club in 2007, to now having a simultaneous presence at three of the most prestigious courses in American: Sleepy Hollow Country Club, Hudson National Golf Club & Saint Andrews Golf Club.

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Four Ways of Doing it Right

A Co-op Navigates a Major Multiple-Elevator Renovation Project

July 30, 2015

A major job on your building's elevators will have its - pardon the pun - ups and downs. But how do you take the sting out of it? One co-op says: plan ahead, pay for speed, communicate, and think creatively.

When it was time to tackle a major repair and replacement job on the 13 elevators spread throughout seven six-story buildings, the board at Forest Hills South Owners, a 604-unit co-op in Queens, knew it would be disruptive to residents.

"We had to replace the motors [and] cabling, [and] install a state-of-the-art computer control system, and [add] all-new cabs and doors on each one," says George McGrath, president of the board. "We have a very diverse community, from families with young children to single-person households to senior citizens. We have a lot of different people, but all of them are clearly used to the conveniences of having an elevator available at all times."

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