NYC CODE UPDATE                                                                                                                                                        Compliance Upload

Brake Maintenance- January 1, 2016

     This new requirement was initially proposed in Appendix K, section 8.6, paragraph back in 2008 and now enforced effective January 2016 by the New York Department of Buildings. “The driving-machine brake shall be maintained annually to ensure proper operations...” This includes maintenance of the residual pads (anti-magnetic pads), lining and running clearances; pins and levers; springs; sleeves and guide bushings; discs and drums; and brake coil and plunger. In addition, any devices and/or controller software to monitor the brake system must be operational and maintained as needed. The code requires records to be kept of such maintenance, and the attachment of a metal tag on the controller indicating the elevator maintenance company and date of service. Compliance with these provisions is not only required by law but is essential to ensure safety of the public. Most elevator maintenance contracts cover brake maintenance, to what extent, must be determined by reviewing such contract.

**Note that we are currently working with many of you already to ensure this requirement is met. If you have not addressed this yet, please contact our office.

Door Contact Circuit Monitoring- January 1, 2020
     Sierra has contacted several elevator controller companies-MCE, GAL and CEC Elevator Controls. All controllers built to meet the A17.1-2000 Code should have the door lock monitoring provisions built in. If a new elevator was installed or a modernization was conducted at that point or forward (2000 or newer), the provisions for door contact monitoring may be built in. Prior to that, NYC followed the A17.1-1996 Code so it’s safe to assume older controllers do not have provisions. To comply with this new code requirement, elevator contractors can purchase the software/hardware to add to an existing relay logic/microprocessor controller. Most microprocessor and relay controllers will require a panel with solid state boards and relays to be added and wired into the controller which could be costly. We don’t know the exact cost it is not required for more than four (4) years, but a guesstimate is $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 per elevator. Please keep in mind, this is only required for automatic elevators with automatic doors and not manually operated service/freight elevators with manual car doors and gates.    

     The NYC DOB has confirmed that this work will require a work permit, called a EBN. This is a self- certification permit, so no DOB inspector will be required to test the work. However, Sierra Consulting Group, your elevator consultant and a licensed third party witness can sign off and file all the necessary paperwork, facilitating any upgrades/modernizations to meet this new code.

Single Plunger Brakes-January 1, 2027
     Regarding replacement of single plunger machine brakes for traction elevators, there are not that many of them-(10%) in the metropolitan area. They are mostly older Armor or Westinghouse units and are predominantly in low rise buildings-(6-7 stories) and are from the 1960-1970’s so there is a good chance they will require a modernization and be replaced prior to 2027. The other options would be to retro-fit the existing main machine and install a double plunger brake or an emergency brake-rope gripper which is required now for all new or modernized elevator from 2009 to the present. The cost for the new brake could be as much as $15,000.00 and the cost for the rope gripper could also be the same so obviously, replacement of the machine/modernization should strongly be considered at that point.

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