K3 Code

Retroactive Code – Key Items
1 17.3 – 2002 Amended by Appendix K Chapter K3

Effective November 4, 2009, The New York City Department of Buildings adopted and signed into effect an addition of Subchapter K to the NYC Building Code. This addition outlines specific modifications to ASME A17.3 – 2002 Safety Code for existing elevators and escalators. These items include retroactive provisions that must be complied with to avoid penalties.
Because these provisions were signed into the building code your elevator(s) may report unsatisfactory conditions under the Category 1/5 elevator test/inspections or your elevator service company may submit proposals unsolicited. Please be aware that many of these new requirements may not be covered under your current maintenance agreement with your elevator company since they are additions to the elevator equipment.

Building Owners are responsible for making sure the elevators are within the safety codes of the New York City Department of Buildings. Sierra Consulting Group, Inc. as a licensed elevator inspection agency can inspect your elevator(s) prior to the Category 1/5 test/inspection and report back to you with any existing conditions that do not meet the new code requirements. In addition, we will review your maintenance contract to let you know if the new code requirements are covered under the agreement.
Sierra Consulting Group, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to assist your firm with these new code changes. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.

Retroactive Code – Key Items – Effective November 2009
1 17.3 – 2002 Amended by Appendix K Chapter K3

A17.3 Rule No Rule Description Retroactive Date notes
2.1.3  Projections in Hoistway  Immediate  
2.2.4  Ventilation  Immediate  
2.3.3  Pit Stop Switch Immediate  
2.5  Protection Below Hoistway 1 year  
2.6.7  Bottom Guides (Hoistway Doors) 1 year  
2.7.5  Hoistway Emergency Door Contacts Immediate  
3.3.2  Aprons (Car Toe Guards) Immediate  
3.3.3  Hinged Platform Sill Immediate  
3.4.2  Car Doors and Gates 3 year  
3.4.3 (c) and (d)  Space Guards © and Sight Guards (d) Immediate  
3.4.5  Car Illumination 1 year  
3.4.6  Protection of Lights / Bulbs Immediate  
3.9.2  Final Limits Immediate  
3.10.4  Electrical Protective Devices 1 year  
3.10.8  Release and Application of Brakes Immediate  
3.10.9  Control and Operating Circuit Req’s Immediate  
3.10.10  Absorption of Regenerated Power Immediate  
3.10.11  Signal System on Car Sw Cars Immediate  
3.11.1  Car Emergency Signal Devices 1 year  
3.11.3  Fire Service Immediate  
3.12.7 Drum Machine – Spare Turns in Drum Immediate  
4.3.3 Hydro Double Bottom Cylinder 5 year  
4.5.1 Minimum Level Indicator (Tank) Immediate  
4.5.2 Pressure Tank Gages Immediate  
4.7.2 Top of Car Device Immediate  
5.3.1 Starting Devices Immediate  
5.3.2 Emergency Stop Buttons Immediate  
5.3.7 Skirt Obstruction Device Immediate  
5.3.12 Comb – Step Impact Devices Immediate  
5.4 Lighting of Escalators Immediate  
8.2.14 Operating Devices and Control Equipment of Sidewalk Elevator Immediate