Maintenance Consulting

We have found from our research that many clients have little idea what their elevator service company is actually providing or is supposed to provide to maintain their elevator equipment properly. By reviewing your current elevator contracts, we can ensure our clients that they are receiving fair value from their elevator service company.

We also have found that a good preventative maintenance program will eliminate the need for costly new equipment or major repairs. Our Maintenance Audits are comprehensive and detailed. These Audits list all parts of your elevator systems, determining their condition, and judge/evaluate how well the system is being maintained currently. The goal is to provide an in-depth understanding of the condition of their elevator equipment. We accomplish that goal by proceeding as follows:

We survey your existing elevator equipment to evaluate its performance levels, code compliance, and general maintenance condition.

We compare your existing elevator service contract with our findings, then evaluate your service company's contractual compliance, and highlight any equipment deficiencies we may have discovered.

We work with you and your elevator service company to establish maintenance schedules. Schedules will help ensure performance standards and advise when system upgrades are necessary.

We can provide scheduled quality control surveys on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis. Periodic maintenance and operation evaluation services also assure that the maintenance contractor is meeting its obligation, to keep your systems in proper condition to meet the demands of your building.

Over the years we have developed contractual agreements that are client oriented. With these contracts, we offer unique assistance in the coordination, bidding, and execution of new contracts. We help our clients obtain the finest service at the best price. We also document all conditions with digital photographs and provide copies of maintenance deficiencies to both owners and contractors to ensure proper compliance.

Since every project is different and every owner/manager has different requirements, SCG can custom tailor their services to fit your individual needs.