Preventative Maintenance Monitoring

A good preventative maintenance program eliminates the need for costly new equipment or major repairs. Our team is available to assist with a preventative maintenance monitoring (PMM) program, which will assist you, the building owner/manager to ensure your elevator is being maintained properly. We will perform an overview of the present elevator’s maintenance conditions which includes the following:

  • Conduct one (1) or two (2) maintenance audits per year to determine the existing conditions of the elevator equipment.
  • Comment on housekeeping, adjustment and lubrication practices.
  • Document necessary repairs required to ensure proper operating conditions.
  • Ensure monthly maintenance is commensurate with the level of preventive maintenance that is being paid for and is in accordance of industry standards.
  • Perform general visual observations of said elevator equipment, and indicate areas of maintenance deficiencies. Objectively evaluate level of maintenance and document same.
  • Provide recommendations for the repair of any component found deficient Forward list of maintenance deficiencies to elevator contractor for review and compliance.