About Us

Sierra Consulting Group is an impartial third party who can advise you of cost effective methods to save you money, while also ensuring safe and reliable transportation service. We are committed to giving each client cost effective, professional service that is backed by Sierra's years of experience in the vertical transportation industry.

Sierra Consulting Group is a valuable asset for any real estate owner or manager. We can oversee any size project from the initial bidding process through completion, we act as a liaison between the elevator company and the customer.

We have represented:

  • Building Owners
  • Managers
  • Co-ops & Condominiums
  • Architects
  • Insurance Companies
  • Public Adjusters
  • Retail Management Groups
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Utility Companies
  • Government Agencies

Our goal is to serve anyone who has a need for excellent vertical transportation advice. We do not provide service to elevator contractors, nor are we tied to any elevator contractor. This independence allows us to provide you, our client, with one-on-one, unbiased services without restrictions.

Every project is different and may have unusual requirements. At Sierra Consulting Group, we strive to customize and tailor services to fit your individual needs. We also work to assist you in fulfilling the vision you have for your project.