Contractor Interview Questions

Below is a list of recommended questions when interviewing contractors for your elevator modernization project:

Modernization Contractor Interview Questions                                                       Click here to download pdf

Who are the principals of the company and what is the time frame of their ownership?

How many years have you been in business?

Did you personally inspect the building and prepare the bid or was it someone who works for you? (Is that person present?)

Are you privately or publicly held?

Have you previously operated under another entity name?

Have the company’s principals ever filed for any type of bankruptcy?

Who would we be working with as our account representative?

What is your affiliation? (Local One, Three, or Non-union)

Where is your shop located?

Is your shop available on weekends if parts are required?

How many modernization teams do you currently have on staff?

Will you have people available for our project when we are ready to begin?

Are you planning to use any sub-contractors?

Will your firm provide company t-shirts and identification cards for employees?

Will your firm provide emergency numbers for weekends and holidays during renovation?

How many modernization supervisors do you have covering per team?

Will we have the same English speaking supervisor on the premises for the entire duration of the project?

What are your firm’s normal working hours?

Who does the hierarchy on site consist of?

What examples do you have of unforeseeable circumstances that may delay the modernization once it begins?

What are your company’s liability and umbrella insurances?

What safety precautions does your company take during modernizations for your employees?

Have there ever been any serious injuries or fatalities on any of your previous jobs? Explain:

Post Modernization interview Questions

After the modernization is complete, describe the type of 24/7 maintenance service that is provided—do you use an answering service or live employees to dispatch mechanics?

What is your response time to shutdowns during the day (8 AM to 4:30 PM), nights, weekends, and holidays?

How many employees do you have on stand-by over the weekend and at night?

What is your response time to passenger entrapments?

How do you respond to DOB violations?

How many elevators do you currently maintain in each borough?

How many elevators do you service near our building?

Would you be able to provide references from these buildings?

How many elevators does each of your maintenance mechanics have per route?

Do you have any questions regarding the scope of work being performed?